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    C                          +   CH4                          =              C2H4
  $ 170.00/TON    +   $ 170.00/TON        =      $ 1,300.00/TON 
Selling coal as it is, is a huge loss, while converting it to ethylene achieves a profit far better than crude oil profits.


      While coal could find only one market of some power plants, Crude Petroleum liquid fuels brought a lot of prosperity. Coal is a very precious and abundant natural resource of fuels.

     COAL PRODUCE ETHANOL through well known, simple and efficient process. 
Like petroleum, coal consists of several components, mainly coke, light oil, tar and some natural gas. Also like petroleum these components can be separated by pyrolysis (=carbonization, =destructive distillation). 

     The successful scheme to process coal is similar to petroleum,  in which each component is separated first and next processed individually.   Unhappily coal processing, was and still is, misled by the Fischer Tropsh chemical reaction, in which coal, as a whole, is subject to a chemical reaction (with steam) before separating its components. Fischer Tropsh reaction has destroyed the value of coal.

       Imagine that crude petroleum would be treated by a chemical reaction before its distillation and the separation to its components, such chemical reaction would have destroyed the value of crude petroleum.

     It is needed to imitate the petroleum refining to produce liquid fuels out of coal. It is also totally unlogic to expect that the reaction of a fuel (COAL) with water (steam) would be fruitful. ETHANOL is produced out of coke by the following two simple reactions:

      1]  In an electric furnace coke is allowed to react with methane to produce ethylene gas.

                    C     +      CH4              =      C2H4
               Coke +    Methane     =      Ethylene

     Acetylene is produced by this reaction, a well known reaction, with established technology, and straight forward.  ( Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology, Kirk and Othmer, under Acetylene)

    2]  Next comes the well known acid catalysed hydration of ethylene to produce ethanol:

                       C2H4         +      H2O      =      C2H5OH
                 Ethylene      +   Steam     =      Ethanol

     Two well known technologies.

     As for the light oil and tar, they are unsaturated cyclic compounds which can be saturated by hydrogen over catalysts and converted to Diesel fuel.

Ethanol from coal and natural gas